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To get Crunk. The nirvana of Crunk. The most Crunk you can possibly be.
Yo homie. You was gettin crunkafied at at dat gay pride parade!
by Steve November 04, 2003
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the state of being in which the participating individual has indulged oneself with the phenomonal extraciricular activity of getting fucked up with alcohol. it is commonly also refered to as practicing one's right in his/her beliefs for expressing oneself as a complete idiot and alcoholic. take that home with you. its delicious.
1- Where you at?
2- dadlvnelr
1- What?
2- uhhh uhhh hahhaha woooooo watch this
3- don't mind him. he is crunkafied
by BrnxThugNSout November 17, 2005
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