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Similar to a butter face, this is a person who, when in the process of sexual intercourse, you use your hand and proceed to squeeze their facial features together in a "crumpled" fashion, so as not to see their unattractive visage during the experience.
-I would probably have sex with her, but she is definitely a crumple face for sure.

-Tori Spelling

by Davein February 02, 2009
A person/being whose face has crumple-like qualities - similar to cauliflower, only considerably more disfuguring.

Is also a term used to descride smeone who possesses a suspicious nature.
Someone with withered, wrinkled skin, and a decreped look, but not necessarily old.
Also used to describe a state of mind- To feel crumple faced.

Derived from 'crumple-snack' and 'crumple-horn'
''Look at that crumple face she hasn't seen the light of day in yonks''
by YvonneTea February 07, 2010
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