A random piece of debris and or food particle which accumulate in a confined area, and then, without your acknowledgment, fall into something in which you do not wish it to fall into
ex 1: shit, my grapey juice has crumbums in it..motherfucker left the lid off the juice jug.
by exzimazittitcackly February 02, 2009
a person who acts like they are homeless are not necessarily living on the street.
John: I just gave jen some cash she said she doesnt know where she is sleeping at tonight.
Steve: thats wierd cus she lives with her parents.
John: what a fuckin crumbum
by bbandit April 20, 2009
noun: one who does not tip the pizza Driver.
Manager: How much did the crum bum tip ya?
Driver: Exact amout check
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
Poor person who claims too much benefit and spensd it all on drugs, prior to robbing the local petrol station.
The crumbum was found underneath the bridge with a porno mag, bottle of cider and empty bottlebag.
by Andy 'Wastic' Aldrich June 16, 2003
1)Eating cookies or toast over someones ass.

2)A fucking moron; a Douche
I apologize for the CrumBum last night.
by MrBlack1984 July 01, 2006
sweaty rape, with catsup
i crumbumed that dumb bitch and got her ass nigga pregnant
by Steven King October 21, 2003
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