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To "Cruise Line" is the act of pushing one's face in between two LARGE breasts, and rocking one's head from side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound and in the process adding more power and more brr to the vibration due to the larger breast. It is recommend to use the "cruise line" on a girl with larger than a D-cup. Very close to motorboating just has to increase the scale of power.
"Did you see her rack, I just want to cruise line those puppies"
by thatguydiditagain March 16, 2011
A fun filled Trip in which theres a pool, free food, a bar, and a fuck load of old people. I mean too many.
Yo, i was on the cruisline the otherday, i did it with 80% of the women, hell they were all over 80.
by matt ward February 17, 2004
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