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To define greatness........... just like the star bellied sneetches in Dr. Seuss.... they stand out in the crowd. Very well liked from others, usually the life of the party, trusting, loyal and honest. If you are a Croy, you have superpowers greater than all others.... So watch out for them Croy's!
LOOK, it's a bird, it's a plane......... naw... it's just a Croy!
by A Croy February 05, 2010

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An un-common last name used in irish familys. also an amazing name not to be confused with coy, cory, and more...
How to say it. Make a c sound then add roy to it. Its easy. Haha croy... :)
by kcelly February 05, 2010
A sexy little man, refered to in some adult films, Croy is commonly used to refer to a small man, whom is sexy, and also to compliment his large penis.
Oh your such a Croy!
by Dr Dave PHD September 04, 2010