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An act of such exceptional stupidity that it will inspire the intelligent people around to lose their cool and retort in kind.

From the words 'Crowbar' and 'Retard'.
First Example:
"Officer, I didn't mean to hurt him, honestly. He just grabbed a crowtard and came at me, and I had to unleash the beast."

Second Example:
First Guy: You know, I seem to have a specific look that I give people that tells them "I'm going to kill you". I wish I could use it at any time.

Second Guy: I, strangely enough, know that feeling. I can do the creepy face that weirds some people out, and makes some people look at me like I'm insane or just ridiculous, but that heartless 'I really want you dead' look kinda has to be pried out of me with a crowtard.
by AlphaMaelstrom January 31, 2010

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