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A town at the edge of the rocky mountains, in the south corner of Alberta, very close to both the US and British Columbia. Made of like, 5 crappy little towns together to make a big crappy town. Only cool on the second weekend of July, when everyone from southern Alberta packs into the town to watch fireworks and stuff. Good for camping, sight seeing, and quading, but a really, really shitty place to live.
Normal Person: Hey! Where do you live?
Hick: (Spits out tobbacco) Teh Crowsnest Pass...
Normal Person: BURN!
by Bixxo July 14, 2006
A town as described earlier, close to the US and BC borders. As a warning, this is an area that resists any modern ideas until it is forced down locals throats.

After dealing with the local hillbilly backwards governing officials, (the mayor has 24 1970's vehicles in his residential yard...NO KIDDING!!!) most people that move to the area are usually sickened by the nepitism and in-bred mentality that anyone who is smart bails after only 2.7 years.

When confrontation is put to these people, they run and hide but are first to cry the blues to who-ever will listen.

Avoid this area of Alberta at all costs friends. If Alberta is the asshole of the planet, The Crowsnest Pass is the Palup.
Crowsnest Pass
by Mr. Happy 1 June 27, 2009
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