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A big, furry brown cat, found in the savvanna of Africa. NOT the jungle, you phyco's. Often toated as the king of beasts, and no one knows why. Some say that the lion is the biggest cat, even though the tiger is the biggest cat in the world. Often hunted for trophies.
Lion- Bwa ha ha! I'm the lord of the jungle!
Tiger- (walks out of jungle) Dude, you live in a savvanna
Lion- Shut up and bow, slave!
Tiger- (bashes lion with paw, instantly snapping neck) Bitch!
#tiger #jungle #africa #hunter #lion king
by Bixxo July 12, 2006
A blazingly fast, extreamly cool laptop. Replaced the crappy iBook in early 2006.
Expected to be a cash cow for Apple, as simply the color black costs $150.
More features and speed than Windows will ever have.
Loser: Shit! my Dell just froze again!
Macbook User: Ditch that peice and get a macbook!
#apple #dell #windows #mac #ibook
by Bixxo June 05, 2006
Place you really, really dont want to be.
#lion #dead #pwned #owned #haha
by bixxo July 18, 2006
The one and only way to demonstrate an explosion that is larger that the average kaboom. Where a kaboom usually only takes out everything in a 50m to 1km radius, a ka fucking boom will most likely decimate an entire city.
Sue: What happened when he pressed the big, shiny button in the pentagon?
Bob: Ka Fucking BOOM!
#boom #kaboom #bomb #explode #fun
by bixxo July 18, 2006
Ironically enough, that hell-big word actually means the fear of long words.
Ho- Do you have any phobia's?
other ho- Yeah, I have hippopoto... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Ho- Do you mean hippopotomonstrosesequippedaliophobia?
other ho- (head explodes)
#fear #phobia #long #creepy #word
by Bixxo June 19, 2006
A town at the edge of the rocky mountains, in the south corner of Alberta, very close to both the US and British Columbia. Made of like, 5 crappy little towns together to make a big crappy town. Only cool on the second weekend of July, when everyone from southern Alberta packs into the town to watch fireworks and stuff. Good for camping, sight seeing, and quading, but a really, really shitty place to live.
Normal Person: Hey! Where do you live?
Hick: (Spits out tobbacco) Teh Crowsnest Pass...
Normal Person: BURN!
#hick #alberta #frank slide #coca cola #cchs
by Bixxo July 14, 2006
Really cheap computer sold only through the chain previously known as radioshack. Usable for basic computing, but otherwise useless for any hard tasks. (like starting up)
I had no money, so I bought a Tagar computer! After it crashed a few hundred times, do to the slow speed and the fact that it had windows on it, I blew it up and bought a iMac.
#crap #windows #compaq #apple #nuke
by bixxo July 18, 2006
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