a convenient name for a cockroach in your pants.
dude 1- AHHHH i got a cockroach in my pants!!!
dude 2- thats what you call a crotchroach
by JackPhil July 10, 2008
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1. (n- plural) Crabs/Pubic Lice
2. (n-pl) What Snooki haz
What'choo scratchin' fer? You got the crotchroaches 'er sumthin'?
by NickHarteau December 30, 2010
A person that has sex with a large number of persons. i.e. sex addict, finding any hole to hide in.
"John is such a crotch roach. He will fuck anything."

by Blue Lagoon Under Shining Moon January 24, 2009
A person who's venereal health is in serious question and there is a significant chance that sexual conduct will result in in contraction of a STD.
Dude, you don't want to take home Carla. That girl is infested with crotchroaches!
by bearface83 October 22, 2007
The female roach.
Eeeek! a cockroach!!
No i believe that is a female.
Oh...EEk a crotchroach.
by Randomxhumor March 31, 2011

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