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A ball of tissue paper that has lodged itself in the vagina after peeing... sometimes found by a man while performing oral sex. Also known as a Sandie Davis.
I was going down on this beautiful woman, but I had to stop and pick out the crotchballs before I could continue.
#vigina #crotch #ball #sandie davis #tissue #paper #tissue paper #pee #urine
by Lassidar October 31, 2008
To Throw, kick, or smack a ball or other object with maximum inertia capabilities into the general crotch area of another person, player, or victim.
Exclaiming, "DING!" when an object and crotch connect is optional.
Billy and Julie played crotch ball the other day. Billy kicked the soccer ball at Jullie's crotch 4 times for a total of 8 DINGS(points)!
#crotch #ball #ding #ouch #ball buster #labia lobber
by Albizu August 10, 2006
A game like dogeball but to get someone out you have to hit them guessed it the balls
For boys only
OK boys i m sorry to say that today were playing crotchball hope you sent planing on having kids because the briefs you are wearing have magnets in and the ball is metal
by Pain defined May 21, 2016
When a guy is supposed to have a dick but acts like a little bitch and then try's to bring up how big his balls are when he knows they're actually really little; like a crotch
"common roger, everybody knows you have crotchballs"
#penis #crotch #girl #butt #balls
by Faithlyn February 15, 2012
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