similar to a couch potato. A way to describe a girl that does nothing but lays there while having sex.
Guy 1 Dude that girl didnt move at all when i was banging her

Guy 2 Dude she sounds like such a "crotch potato"
by CDS the man from MD August 17, 2010
Top Definition
A cock that vaguely resembles a potato, usually lumpy and deformed hereby rendering it useless for any sexual activity. Derogatory term.
Johnny Depp may be "soooo hot" but I'll bet you anything he's got one mean crotch potato..
by Mojo King Bee June 25, 2005
noun:a couch potato's balls which accumulated dirt resembling a pair of dirty potatoes
man, you've been watching TV for a week straight and you never had a shower, your balls might turn into crotch potatoes
by Action Aardvark February 04, 2011
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