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The hottest girls ever. These girls can run 8 miles easier than you can bike 1. They're tough as hell and can kick any football player's ass mentally and physically. Also something about running 45 miles a week must change your DNA around because these girl are HOT. Their stamina is crazy, cross country girls = hot sex.
Guy 1: Man that girl has a great ass.
Guy 2: Yeah she must be a Cross Country Girl.
Guy 1: I bet she's awesome at sex.
by mynameismyown March 31, 2009
A total kick ass girl. They are hot, and toned. The girls arent a skinny ass bitch and could kick u any day! They work harder than the glorified volleyball, fockey, and soccer players. You could see them running up hills, though trees and more.
Guy 1: She is hot

Guy 2: She is a cross country girl she could kick ur ass
by jior4f4o October 08, 2014
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