Derived from the terms Grog and Cunt, Crogging is the act of smuggling alcohol in ones vagina, the alcohol as a result is the called crog, people who partake in such activity are called croggers
"Dude this party is lame, theres no alcohol"
"Dont worry man we got some bitches crogging"
"Sweet !"
by diddypan September 05, 2011
Top Definition
When a woman is wearing a Onesie, with the ass flap open, And does a vogue-ing dance with her ass crack through the open flap. Must be done preferably by a hot white blonde texas biotch.

This term was coined by the Perv Possee of Stamford, CT.

Names of members to be withheld to protect them
Whoa, Look at Amie... She's Crogging her asscrack
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