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When going out with peers to a bar or restaurant and nobody offers to pay the bill, hence they and yourself have the short arms of a crocodile.
It's kinda of a turn off when you go on a date with a girl and you got crocodile arms all night.
by jj3point2 November 30, 2011
When a football player does not extend his arms to receive a pass for fear of getting hit.
Joe: "Did you see DeSean Jackson on that Play? He didn't even TRY to catch it.

Jim: Oh yea, he gets Crocodile Arms when he hears the foot steps coming every time. What a wimp.
by okeedoke December 03, 2011
When you don't care and someone is in need of sympathy, but you want to appear sympathetic, you hug them with your 'crocodile arms'. Like 'crocodile tears', your hug is not sincere.
Person A: My boyfriend broke up with me! *starts crying*
Person B: (¬_¬ he was too good for you anyway) Aw! Come here gal. *hugs with crocodile arms*
by Routledge93 December 03, 2011