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A person who eats their spouse's remains, specifically their ashes.
Boy 1: Fuck, that lady is such a croak!

Boy 2: I know, she's licking her husband's ashes like its cocoa.
by FatLoserSays January 06, 2012
6 12
To croak is to die. To kick the bucket, or to go tits up. Probably more descriptive of death due to natural causes.
One minute he's humpin' away, next he'd croaked! Wadda way to go!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
185 33
1. to die

2. to kill someone or something
Apparently, he croaked when they got to the hospital.
by Light Joker May 13, 2005
71 28
1. To die

2.fail, suck

3.noise made when someone else fails
Dude, didja hear the mayor croaked?

Whoa, that dance totes croaked

Girl: *trips and skirt goes up*
bystanders: *croak*
by Jade Jealousy July 23, 2009
11 16
To make a female vomit on your penis by way of shoving your penis down her throat.
"Dude, I totally croaked that bitch in the alley last night, it was awesome. Except for the throwing up part"
by Balls Fransisco January 24, 2010
55 61
The infused combination of crystal meth and cocaine to inhale through nasal oriface.
Be carefully when sniff that line of croak....it made my eyes water
by Kristal Korruptor February 16, 2004
23 34
The act of sex or being horny

Derived from the term "Horny Toad"
Man that girl is hot, I wanna take her to my place so we can croak.
by paisleyluvr1234 September 11, 2011
10 22