Croaching : The act of cramming the anus with Branflakes and allowing crows to feast upon them.

Origin : bizarre sexual punishment/fetish, probably related to the partakers of the sports known as "rowing" or "rugby".
1. I feel like a croach
2. S/he needs to be croached
3. I've just been given a good croaching
4. "Stop behaving badly, or I'll have you croached"
by ekul May 25, 2004
Top Definition
A funny way to say cockroach.Also known as croachys :D
Oh no!A croach came out from under that trashcan!
by Donovan619 April 19, 2009
A substance found in a bud buster after busting a large amount of roaches. Croaches are the crystals from the roaches that build on a bud buster like normal crystals do off weed. These roach crystals are very potent.
- Yo I busted a ounce of roaches and got way too many croaches.
by Shawn Maglicic April 15, 2006
Crystal roaches. This occurs when a large amount of roaches is busted in a coffee grinder(bud buster). The crystals of the roach stick to the walls of the buster, like crystals off weed. The croach is then scrapped off the buster and rolled or smoked in a pipe/bong.
- Man croaches fuck me up
- Yo was buster a ounce of roaches and got way too many croaches.
by Shawn Maglicic April 04, 2006
the heavy paper at the end of a marijuana blunt.
"Yo, croach that blizzy, no scoobies on the tongue."
by boyWunder March 27, 2010
someone of complete coaching power, they are the best coach there is
"today at practice croach was so awesome, she's the best croach i've ever had"

"damn look at that croach over there, lemme holler"
by CROACH April 03, 2009
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