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A sexual act where the Male, (henceforth referred to as the "ninja") surprises his unsuspecting mate in a stealthy manner. This tricky maneuver must be performed whilst penetrating doggy style. The ninja pulls out and simultaneously spits on the females back to mimic the ejaculation process. As the unsuspecting female turns around to proposition a cuddle session, the ninja must judo chop her in the jugular in a violent manner, strong enough to knock his counterpart out. Once the female is rendered unconscious, the ninja must release his ninja-like load into her hair. He must then sneak away quickly enough so that the girl awakens with an unfamiliar crispy substance in her hair, and an extremely stiff neck.
Luke: Ron totally crispy ninja-ed that broad from the bar last.

Nester: Who was that girl again?

Luke: You know, that Hannah girl.

Nester: She got what she deserved.
by Sasha Leo January 17, 2010
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To masterbate into your hand and ejaculate, then wipe in your someones hair while they sleep.
Person 1: "You better not fall asleep tonight or you`re gonna wake up with with crispy hair."
Person 2: "Why`s that?"
Person 1: Because I'm gonna crispy ninja you."
by leeroy1398 July 16, 2013

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