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Slightly above average

Can describe sex, tests, or almost any activity

Something can also be above or below crispy
What did you think of the test?
It was slightly better than crispy
by alskdjfikj2342 April 07, 2010
51 41
a black persons new sneakers. usualy white.
" you steped on my crispys , im'a bust a cap in yo ass niga "
by xoxkatie October 08, 2006
9 2
crunk (high and drunk) + tipsy, being tipsy while being high. a couple of shots and 5-6 hits of weed.
Person 1: yo man u coming over
Person 2: yeah for a little bit, i can only get crispy
Person 1: Why man we're all getting crunk?
Person 2: I have to go out later and take a couple more shots
by LCizzlemtl September 16, 2013
7 1
adjective - Something of good quality/worth; denotes a generally good thing; tasty/fragrant - generally appealing to the senses. (antonym - crunchy)
Ah that's well crispy; I've got a crispy story for you; Anyone want some crispy cake? Mate I smashed some bare crispy box last night (see also 'bare' and 'smash some box')
by Chri and Ste December 02, 2007
55 49
Money, esp a 1 dollar bill; a single.

So named because of the crispiness of 1 dollar bills.

Also diminutive because $1 isn't a lot of money.
"I'd pay up to 15 crispies to see what her boobs look like" said Jamal.
by AndyFox1979 July 26, 2007
7 2
Fresh, cool. The shit, sick. Awesome.
Dang girl, those kicks are crispy!
by Femalefuckingjesus April 26, 2013
3 0
leftovers; something unwanted; rejected; crumbs.

Crispie-a person who is leftout or unwanted.; forgotten.
Can I have thoses pretzel crispies?
Look at all those awkward girls... such crispies.
We're the crispies of the team!
by becky t April 09, 2011
2 0