cripple or kripple

1. great in quantity, measure, or degree.

a. a simplification of the grammatical constituent (informal phrase) "grip of" and indirectly represents synonyms of this phrase (grip,much,many,a lot of,ton,a lot).

b. an indefinite article (ie 'a') preceding the phrase may be optionally truncated.

c. a homonym of the word meaning a person who is disabled or impaired.
Yo! I got cripple cash today, lets go spend it.
(Yo! I got a grip of cash today, lets go spend it.)

That's cripple cake.
(That's a lot of cake.)

There's cripple people in that car.
(There are a grip of people in that car.)

Theres no need to buy more non-fat milk, I have (a) cripple at home.
(Theres no need to buy more non-fat milk, I have a grip at home.)
by STooGE$$$$ Valpurgius TNT December 02, 2006
Top Definition
A person who has a disability and embraces it, rather than feeling sorry for themselves.
Yes, I am a Cripple, got a problem with that?
by Cynicalbeauty February 22, 2006
A kneeboarder. Someone who rides a board on their knees as if their legs don't work.
Cripples are second only to goat boaters.
by b j p January 12, 2010
This bee-yatch is the librarian of a well known school (which isn't very well known at all, actually).

She can commonly be found looking for little kiddies to give rows and also in the cupboard with Mr. Cripples.

(Afro Chicken #3)

by Yer ma February 03, 2005
1) to be severely messed up due to consumption of drugs (mainly pot unless otherwise specified); 2) to be in the act of or have the desire to perform a task (usually relating to drug consumption); 3) (as a noun) a state of being
When dealing with pot: "wow that last bowl crippled me to the belt"
When dealing with other drugs, the drug must be specifically mentioned: "last night was out of control, i was so crippled drunk that i fell down a flight of steps and then urinated myself"
"dude hurry up and cripple that joint so we can go inside and feast mcdonalds"
"there is no sense in even trying to talk to Ronnie, he has been crippling the beer bong all night and is too messed up to form coherent thoughts"
"look at Pedro, that last hit turned him into a cripple"
by tom prough October 30, 2003
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