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Another excuse for not completing your homework.
" I went crip walkin last night in the club and came home way to late. Thats why I couldnt do my homework Mr.J"
by yabadaba October 20, 2004

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"It's not just a dance it's a way a' living
Now if ya C-Walking, ya best to "see" Crippin'
And that goes for kids too, and RnB singers
Nigga quit Crip-Walking if ya ain't a gang banger"

Snoop Dogg
Nigga whachu doin cripwalkin? u ain't crip fool!
by MalcolmCzup April 23, 2006
Cripwalkin - especially since snoop dogg became famous because he likes doing the crip walk since he's a crip in heart and soul. Many crips(also snoop dogg) hate non-crips for doing the crip walk.
The short term for CripWalkin is C walkin
by 187Crip July 14, 2006