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Cringology revolves around the concept of intellectually superior individuals having to deal with stupid/ignorant people. The amount of ignorance and stupidity is often so great, that the intellectual is overcome with mixed head-exploding emotions that can only be expressed with a cringe (that may also manifest in uttering the words "cringology").
Example 1:
D: "Stupid people rule the world!"
I: "Yeah... Cringology."

Example 2:
Boss: "Hey, you're Japanese! Can you do a story on this really big Japanese pop singer?"
Journalist: "Actually, I'm Chinese - but who's the singer?"
Boss: "Oh, some guy called Rain."
Journalist: "Um... Rain's Korean."
Boss: "What's the difference?"
Journalist: "Urgh... Cringology..."
by Professor of Cringology June 25, 2009

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