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A punk/thrash band (Est 2002) settled in the little Suburb of Oyster Bay. Its original members were:

FooL - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
MoRPHiNe - Drums/Lead Vocals
Their was no bassist

MoRPHiNe was the song writer and played covers by Peter And The Test Tube Babies and a few of his own songs. Sadly the band never took off due to FooLs move to Washington. MoRPHiNe had awaited new members for a band but has found no one sick enough to take the part. MoRPHiNe left the band behind in the Summer of 2005 after FooLs departure.

Fact: The bands name was based off their thoughts on what would happen if you slashed someones head off.
Sam: Yeah...Crimson Floods done
Alex: You think MoRPHiNe still wants to jam?
Sam: Nah man...FooL and him were like brothers...besides...he can't bring back a band that never made it.
by MoRPHiNe December 24, 2006
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