Look up the term Criminalien for a better definition.
Criminaliens and crimigrants have the same meaning. It depends on your preference.
by Mr. Foot April 06, 2009
Top Definition
Immigrants who enter the country illegally. Also know as illegal aliens or undocumented workers. Typically don't pay taxes and steal social services from us all.
Some memebers of congress wants to grant amnesty to Crimigants. There are 11 million Crimigrants.

The Crimigrants do not take jobs that tax paying citizens don't want! The Crimigrants take jobs that tax paying citizens can't afford to take because they are tax paying citizens!

Think you pay too much for health care??? Do you have any idea what portion of your health insurance premiums and income taxes goes to take care of Crimigants?
by Jeff from HDN April 11, 2006
People who enter a country illegally or over stay an entry visa. They in most cases do want to asimilate into the society of the country they are illegally staying in. They steal jobs and benefits from the true countrymen. They think they are more special and deserve special treatment and laws should be made to serve their law breaking. They are allowed to break laws that real citizens could not get away with. They care only about themselves.
In America the majority of crimigrants are Spanish speaking.
In Europe the majority of crimigrants are Arabic speaking.
Crimigrants use forged paper work to get jobs.
Crimigrants can break the law freely.
by susiemom August 10, 2007
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