Crap + Dildo = Crildo

A dildo fashioned out of frozen fecal matter.
He got bored and lonely so he pleasured himself with a crildo.
by Uncle Crildo September 09, 2006
Top Definition
The Chrome Dildo. It is something every woman strives to obtain in her lifetime. The Crildo is a sign of prosperity and even royalty in some societies. It is common belief that Queen Elizabeth had the largest Crildo collection known to mankind.
I had the best orgasm of my life thanks to my new Crildo. My daughter never went to college because she spent her whole college fund on a brand new Crildo.
by ScrotyMcGee September 12, 2008
can describe anything. Spelled with an i not a y. Can be used in any situation, such as crild me, or you crildo!
Tom used a crildo onhis girlfriend last night
by ben May 01, 2005
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