welll...there once was a place in kirksville, mo called shit crick hollow and there were people who were pretty much homeless and they would go take baths down in this "crick" that was flowing with raw sewage..so it then became shit cricker but either will do
cricker1-ahh c'mon jimmy let's go take a bath now
cricker2-but all the kids at school say we're bathin' in POOP
cricker1-well we are so just get over it!

this is the worst example but i couldn't think of anything else
by KatSpat March 09, 2007
no one really says it unless you live in Kirksville, Mo and the area around here..it means someone who is creepy/gross/an idiot that screws sluts in the asshole/lives here..
omg did you see that dude's house..
yah what a fucking cricker..it's a piece of shit
yah there was a baby outside by itself
well what can you expect from those damn crickers
by KatSpat March 02, 2007
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