A classist derogatory term/slur that is used by elitists to dehumanize people who are impoverished, to label people as white trash/dirt ball or people who behave inappropriately in Kirksville society.

Cricker is used in the same malevolent manner as the racial epithet nigger is to demean African Americans. Cricker originated in Kirksville, Missouri when most of Kirksville's poor population lived by a creek (pronounced as crick). Some times the term is used as shit cricker to denote that the creek contained sewage.

The term is also reclaimed by Kirksville's citizens who grew up in that area to remove the word's power.
That cricker never pays his bills.
A woman who dresses as if she is unchaste and uses coarse language in Kirksville's "proper society."
Elitist child to poor child, "I had a shirt like that, but I gave it to the Salvation Army. What a cricker."
A belligerent individual who stirs up trouble, is rowdy, enjoys provoking physical altercations, likes to act tough, get drunk, act the fool, a redneck--this is usually the definition of a shit cricker.
by Kirkatoid August 17, 2007
Top Definition
A hick who lives by the crick.
Jeezum crow, don't ya know, look at that cricker with a Jenny Creamer.
by xlasingx October 30, 2003
a shit ball, dirty bastard, poor person
Somone coming from the creek that shit flows down.
Billy was a shit cricker who lived in a trailer in kirksville missouri the land of shit crickers
by brennan Robbins June 21, 2006
Ultimate term of inverted class hatred; users curse the visible and obviously poor rather than the remote and obscenely wealthy. Originated in Kirksville, MO, referring to homeless people camping by a sewage-contaminated creek. Usage might suggest class insecurity or right-wing idealism, with low or middle class users showing hate of poverty to mask their fear of it, or hating those who fail to chase the American dream and use their "bootstraps" to become more presentable.
That cricker should get a job.
by noblett January 21, 2010
Hick who lives by a crick.
Jeezum crow, don't ya know, that cricker has a Jenny Creamer in his hand.
by xlasinx October 29, 2003
Fuckers from Kirksville, Mo who can't keep their mouths shut or keep it together long enough for everyone to eat his lunch. Nearly every one of them smokes, they all drink, swear and masturbate profusely (often being caught in the locker room and severely beaten for it) and many have a fascination with country/rap music, WWF wrestling, UFC, chevy trucks, and/or "mouthin'." Richard Speaks, Adam Thomas, Barrack Obama, Timmy Eddy, D.J., Zach Dale, and who could forget, the entire Helm family, are all prime examples of crickers.
Dude, I fucking hate school, every shit cricker has to be gay, constantly. Time to fuck em up while JJ's out of town.
by Mrs. Mulford's Favorite December 08, 2008
welll...there once was a place in kirksville, mo called shit crick hollow and there were people who were pretty much homeless and they would go take baths down in this "crick" that was flowing with raw sewage..so it then became shit cricker but either will do
cricker1-ahh c'mon jimmy let's go take a bath now
cricker2-but all the kids at school say we're bathin' in POOP
cricker1-well we are so just get over it!

this is the worst example but i couldn't think of anything else
by KatSpat March 09, 2007
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