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Also known as Crew by those who 'DO NOT' live there. Crewkerne is a small town, mainly filled with, phaedophiles, chavers and transfetstites (along with the town pikies). For those who live there it's a small but pleasant town filled with joyfull country lady stores. For those who don't they will say a different opinion for they will have possibly only seen the chavers walking around in londsdale trackies shouting. "INIT, mate. yeah crewkerne's fukcing mint!".. But to be honest with you, crewkerne's just like any other town around the world however you don't see that untill you see those you make it. :)

Another word for a sex move.
a) "Give me some crewkerne baby!"
b) "Hey, I live in Crewkenre, and you?"
by sad crewkerne child December 08, 2007
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Crewkerne is the smallest, shittiest town in England. It is known to have the most pubs and hair salons for a small town. You often see chavs walking around with their shirts off calling out offensive things to young women. There is no Burger King, there are about two food places and lots of closed down chinese restaurants. There are many 1p sweet sellers where you can nick sweets and shove them up your sleeve. Crewkerne is the smallest town known the earth. There is no shopping other then stamps at the post office and the 'country lady' store, and lets not forgot all the age old lingerie places that sell granny thongs and go by the name of 'Sugar and Spice'. Basically, to sum it up, CREWKERNE SUCKS.
'man, my moms making us go to CREWKERNE today!'
by sad crewkerne child December 08, 2007
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