crew will wreck your life.

The initiation of a rower's journey begins when they set hands on a boat. You will carry a boat with others like you, and become astounded at how heavy this thing really is.

When all the oars are in, you may row arms only. Seems easy. then the back is added, then the legs. It seems okay. Only as the weeks go by do you realize the enormity of what you have gotten yourself into.

Your hands will bleed and ache and sting; it hurts to pick up a pencil sometimes. You are introduced to the ergometer, erg, or rowing machine- this machine is the finest example of torture in the modern world. Your hands will hurt worse, you will pull harder, you will vomit in trash cans and wobble on jelly legs to your car.

Finally, the hunger. There is no greater hunger than hunger after practice. You will eat anything and everything in sight.

But aside from the general pain, nausea, and discomfort associated with rowing- it will get you fit. You will meet new people that will change your life. You will work harder than you ever have and see results. You will do things that you have never dreamed of. You will fall in love with crew, only it's a weird kind of love. A certain comfort comes from smelling the boathouse on your clothes, stepping off of the erg and into the rainy outdoors, or crossing the finish line with boats behind you.
Rower: I can't, I have crew.
Non-rower: What's crew?
Rower: Rowing
Non-rower: *kayaking motion* I've been kayaking before!
Rower: I don't think you understand.

Cheerleader: I have practice until 5 today! Ugh!
Rower: *low growl*

Coach: Set up the ergs!
Rowers: I can't I broke my body

Mom: I think I made too much pasta
Rower: there is no such thing as too much pasta
by cinderandsmoke October 04, 2012
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A sport where you abuse your mind and body in the morning, mid day, and afternoon. It's not uncommon to find a rower keeled over and vomiting after a session on the ergometer.

Synonymous with torture.
Person A: Crew fucking sucks.
Person B: Don't you do crew?
Person A: What of it?
by Will V L January 16, 2008
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The only sport where its normal to burn 150 calories in 7 minutes
oh hey bill, i just burned 150 calories in 7 minutes doing crew.
by couvoihwafawg March 25, 2009
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The most amazing sport to ever hit the world. Crew is the sport of the most determined, physically fit, and amazing athletes out there.
Crew is the sport of gods.
by Crew is the shit April 10, 2006
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One of the most difficult and highly-underrated sports that man has ever created. Not only can it physically mess you up through the pain, but it can also socially mess you up. Unfortunately, "AP Crew" does not count as college credit, even if it takes up almost as much time as school, if not more. Because the rower's school social life is in shambles, the rower becomes better friends with his or her fellow members of the cult sport.
Joe: Are you coming to the party Friday?
Mike: Sorry, I got crew.
Joe: How about Saturday?
Mike: There's a regatta all day.
Joe: That blows.
Mike: It sure does.

Sra. Martinez: ¡Jaime! ¿Porque no hacía tu tarea?
Jaime: Lo siento, pero fue remano a crew ,Señora.
Sra. Martinez:¡No está una excusa! ¡Menos cinco puntos!
Jaime: ....perra estupida....

Señora Martinez: James! Why didn't you do your homework?
James: Sorry, but I was rowing at crew, Señora.
Señora Martinez: That's no excuse! Minus five points!
James: ....stupid bitch....
by Biron3000 February 04, 2008
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A sport. It looks easy from the land but in reality it requires a LOT of technique, rhythm, focus, and down right power. If your hand movements are sloppy or every person in the boat is not together the boat will not move efficiently and you will exhaust your self for no reason. Crew is the kind of sport you really have to be devoted to and practice a LOT.
Bob wakes up early every weekend, and spends 4 hours every day at crew.
When Sally rows she gets the worst blisters, skin is literally ripped from her hands leaving painful, bleeding open wounds.
Kim rowed 25,000 meters yesterday on an erg. Today she can not walk because her legs, back, and arms are so sore.
Phil lost his voice when his cox box broke and he had to scream calls for the teams entire 3 hour on-the-water practice.
Kevin rowed so hard was over exerted and threw up at the end of the race.
That crew team is more like a family, i wish our soccer team cared about each other and loved their sport as much as those good looking crew kids do. I also wish i had sexy muscular legs and crazy good endurance like them.
by Ulmo August 30, 2008
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The MOST physically demanding sport ever. Consitits on sprint season where you normally row a 2k or a head race which can be over 6k. Its takes perfect poise, Strenghth, determanation, and oh yeah STRENGTH. Not to mention all your free time. Sorry cheerleaders and football players this sports a bit to hard for you.
Crew Kid: Oh god man I'm so sore!

Football player: Me too man I had to pass a ball back and fourth for 6 minutes!

Crew kid: Bitch I rowed a 2k in less time than that!
by Hardcorerowerr March 01, 2009
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