the act of people across america using crest toothpaste to brush their teeth in public places
"dude, did you see amanda cresting in the gas station??"
by jkushington December 05, 2012
Top Definition
Cresting is when you reach a point of such pleasure during sex or masturbation that you know that one or two more strokes and you’ll cum. Like being right on the crest of the ultimate final pleasure wave.
Man I was cresting for a long time before I finally tugged that sucker all over her face. On reflection I think she would've preferred a different wake-up call...
by Cap'n B! Oh Yeah! July 07, 2008

The act of squeezing shit out of one's urethra (pee-hole) after it becomes lodged inside during anal sex. The act resembles toothpaste being squeezed from its tube.
I leared that a huge downside to anal sex was the possibility of cresting. Who wants to have to sqeeze shit out of their penis?
by LordNastius November 29, 2009

The act of putting a dollop of toothpaste on the tip of the penis and brushing another's teeth with the penis, as though it were a toothbrush.
As Sid was cresting the girl, he advised, "Make sure you get your molars!"
by Sidney-the-kidney February 21, 2012
Tickling your lover's gooch with a long feather, specifically an ostrich feather, but other feathers will do.
Sue loves it when Tom crests her; she likes the peacock feather the most.

A-cresting I will go, a-cresting I will go, hi ho the dairy-o a-cresting I will go.
by reallygrey February 18, 2008
Giving head while brushing the recipient's teeth. Used as a time saving device when running late for work.
We were cresting all morning
by Mcvaluemeal August 26, 2007
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