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n. (kre-SHEN-do-kor)

Crescendocore is a umbrella term for a wide variety of musical genres. The majority of popular crescendocore lies in the post rock and shoegaze genres.
It's a joining of the word 'Crescendo' and the suffix '-core.' The latter does not imply a connection to Hardcore music, it just states that it is a term for a genre of music.

What crescendocore implies is a heavy emphasis the characteristic in music of a long tension and release in the form of a large dynamic change - that is; getting very loud. This usually happens very quickly and is also marked by changing tonal and duration structures.

Several well known crescendocore acts include:
-Sigur Ròs
-Godspeed You! Black Emperor
-Ludwig van Beethoven
-Flying Saucer Attack
-Bark Psychosis
Guy 1: Dude, have you heard of Godspeed You! Black Emperor?
Guy 2: No, not really.
Guy 1: Man, you should, you love post rock and this is A grade crescendocore
Guy 2: I should probably check them out, then.
by I have no pseudonym April 25, 2011

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