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When a man ejaculates into another's poo. When the victim goes to the toilet next there will be semen seeping from their shit.
While on the toilet after a long night of anal sex, Wendy noticed that Phil's semen was in her poop. She had been Creme Egg'd
by Pshicko April 25, 2011
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giving, an act of love
"dude, i just gave her a creme egg!"
by loveeyouregg April 26, 2009
A simultaneous ejaculation and fart. Accidental or intentional.
Sexy babe: Urgh, Dave! You've creme egged in my eye. I can't see or breath!
by Darv Shamber-Layne March 24, 2010
The use of a creme egg as a sex toy
Ease the egg into the vsginal melting pot and wait ... and a bit longer ... and a little bit longer ... then explore with the tongue until the melted egg spills it's contents then the fun begins.
Slide in the Creme Egg, melt it and lick it out, it's messy but someone has to do it.
by Lord Barmpot & Lady Fruitcake February 25, 2009

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