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Anytime someone less than desirable pays you a compliment that is either unwelcome or completely out of place or character. Often followed by a stare of disgust or awkward silence and usually reserved for women. Often occurs at work or bars.
Can you believe Steve from accounting? He just said how my dress shows off my best features. He can keep his creepliments to himself

Hey Jenny, that guy at the end of the bar just gave me the worst creepliment. He said my eyes remind him of his mother.
by Mr. Mensa July 31, 2008
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a compliment that is misunderstood or badly worded, and comes out sounding disturbing and or creepy. usually given out by socially awkward teenagers and 20 somethings in clubs. usually accompanied by awkward silences
Mitch: hey Anna, that dress makes you look so pretty
Anna: aww thank you Mitch, your such a sweetie
Mitch: yeah its really short and i can see your undies
Anna: .......
Mitch: .......
Anna: that was a creepliment
by Jesus Forde November 08, 2011
A compliment given by a guy that creeps out girls rather than flattering them
Ray: I like your breasts
Erica: Um....thanks
Jake: Dude!! Why did you say that to her?
Ray: I was complementing her!!

Jake: Dude, that's not a complement. That's a creepliment!!
by @nn@tar May 28, 2015

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