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a type of complex where a person makes everything more awkward than it is, calls everyone a "creeper", has shitty social competence, and snubs people that are different from them. It's not that other people are weird, they just freak out at everything and make situations more tense than they really are.
At a popular beach resort, two girls are posing for a photo taken by a third girl, standing a considerable distance apart. A man lingers between them, on his cell phone, unaware that he is standing in the way. They hesitate for a moment before asking him to move, in which he apologizes as he moves out of the way. Afterwards:
Girl 1: OMG, that guy was SUCH a creeper!
Girl 3: ... ? No--he was just on the phone and he couldn't tell that he was in the way. You and you're god-damm creeper complex need to calm the fuck down.
by GatorFan87 July 02, 2009
A complex where someone sees everyone and everything as "awkward" or "creepy"--words they use about 50 times a day. They construe ordinary, benign strangers as foreign, distant, and obtrusive, and regard unusual events outside the realm of their own standards & norms with an unreasonable amount of incredulity, disdain, or even alarm. Because of this, they often become avoidant, hesitant, and isolated in public situations, and so ironically, they become the most awkward and creepy people. Their construal of other people becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when everyone meets their awkwardness with avoidance and mistrust--everything characterized by a creeper. Thus, they really do live in a world of creepers with everything becoming "awkward" and "creepy", hence, the "Creeper Complex".
Dumb bitch with creeper complex: OMG, that person is so awkward! And look at that guy over there! He's being WAY too comfortable with himself, and I'm NOT okay with it. Where the hell are my friends.

Normal, upstanding group: (*talking to each other*) Who the hell is that dumb bitch over there? Can we go back to having a good time?

Bitch: (*seeing the group*) OMG those people just shot me a strange eye... They ARE creepy! (*flees*)
by CaptainNero July 13, 2009
A psychological disorder in which a person(usually male) constantly questions their own actions to determine whether or not they will be perceived as "creepy". Stems from an overuse of the words "creepy" and "creeper", namely by teenagers(usually but not always female), to describe normal socially out-going behavior.
Guy 1: Hmm that girl is pretty cute, she just gave me a two-look.
Guy 2: Uhhhh.
Guy 1: I don't want to be a creeper though...guess I'll just get drunk and embarass myself.

Girl 1: *messages friend on Facebook chat* Hey is it weird to poke this guy on Facebook?
Girl 2: You have such a creeper complex, just do it.
by mckeifus May 03, 2010

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