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To Facebook Chat an individual using very random, creepy, funny or crude topics, comments or jokes. Then quickly logging off.

This is only to be used as entertainment or a way to not be bored, not to cyperbully someone.
(On Facebook Chat)

Billy McBilly to Steve McSteve:

Billy- "Hey Steve!"
Steve- "YOOOOO BILLY. What's up?"
Billy- "I'm so bored I think I'm gunna creeper chat someone..."
Steve- "Really, hahaha Who????"
Billy- "Sally McSally.. :)"
Steve- "Cool, have fun. Tell me what she says!!"
Billy- "K Pcebounce"

Billy McBilly to Sally McSally:

Billy- "Your hair so reminds me of my sisters...so pretty, girlfrannddd." (Billy McBilly has logged off)
Sally McSally- ??????? (Billy McBilly has logged off chat your chat with be sent as a message)

Billy McBilly to Steven McSteven:

Billy- "She was SO confused hahahaha"
Steven- "You're an idiot but i love you, no homo<3"
Billy- "<3"
by AwkwardTeenagers July 13, 2011