The newest middle school in Carmel, Indiana. A 4 star school that doesn't deserve to be one. Full of alcoholic girls who thing they are cool and drug dealers that think they are hard. The place is full of preps who think they are the shit but no one gives a shit about them. Full of sluts that wear things that they clearly shouldn't who give random guys blowjobs. Maybe if the students were better the school would be off the chain. Lately "ghetto" kids have been going to the school. Worst kids are daughters of pastors. Very fake school.
"Dude who gave you that blowjob?"
"That girl from Creekside Middle School, on Thursday!"
"Dude, I want one, whats her number?"
by Lauren&Joshforever March 30, 2010
Top Definition
A school in Carmel, Indiana, a city that is full of pretentious assholes who believe wholeheartedly that being a rich banker with a ho-ass wife will make you popular at the next press conference. This school is the largest junior high school in the town and has been voted a blue ribbon school in the year 2014. It is full of 13 year old girls and boys who honestly believe that they are thugs and prostitutes when in reality, they simply arrogant assholes who fail to realize their own faults and call out those of a lesser financial status on their own. While the boys are mostly rude, overly athletic, dick bags, the girls are on a completely different level to them. The richer 'high class' girls are probably rivals to the most experienced lovers. As they are used to sucking their dads dicks in order to buy that shiny new Iphone 6.
"I went to Creekside Middle School when I was younger, and I found out that the boys there have extremely below average penis size."
by KannekiShiba May 10, 2015
Middle school in Carmel that is full of Snobby brats who live in houses as big as hotels. Some girls are total sluts and talk about their friends behind their back, (and do anything to get in a guy's pants) others are the nice nerdy kids(VERY RARE)
- wow, she is a total bitch!

- duh, she's from creekside middle school
by Tellzitlikeitis January 22, 2012
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