A financial status of an individual who is borderline broke. Taken from the phrase "up shits creek"
Hey Serge, you want to head out to the casino and roll some dice tonight? I wish I could, but I'm creeking like a mothafucka! Maybe on payday though.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
Top Definition
To creek: to over think a situation/feeling until it is far more complicated than it really is. taken from the teen drama of the 90's dawson creek, were teenagers would over think/ have far more than nessary deep and meaningful conversations.
Creeking to over think to a stupid level:


Dawson: describing heartbreak It's agony. Complete, excruciating agony. It's like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and stomped on, and you can't breathe... you don't want to eat... you can't function. It's the most intense pain that you'll ever feel, and the worst part is, there's no way to relieve it. It's unyielding, merciless torture, and you *know* that it's yours for life.
by master dirtbag April 22, 2009
When a young lad is thrown into a shallow body of water for the amusment of his slightly older counter parts.
That freshman is an idiot. Hes in for a creeking.
by Mcfeathers August 14, 2008
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