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Irish name -- Creegan has a long Gaelic heritage which means "heart."
Creegan is so amazing - he stole my heart. He's the reason people smile each day.
by sharpie99 June 06, 2015
The Irish name Creegan has a long Gaelic heritag from the word "croidhe," which means "heart."
The man has a great Creegan
by sharpie99 June 06, 2015
a man-pig that resides near train tracks, creegans are easily detected from afar by their overwhelming stench of body odor, dog, dirty laundry, and shitty blunt wraps. they're often seen sporting fresh knock off jordans, their friends' dirty clothes and jeans four sizes too big. creegans believe themselves to be black, "playas" and generally awesome due to the fact that their mirrors are too filthy to be seen into. also, creegans are notorious for their lack of hygiene and should be treated as biohazards.
some men are rich, some are poor, and some are just creegans.
by daljfeol June 28, 2011
Female sex organ, female in general
Yo I was mad drunk at the I got some crazy creegan.

Yo were the creegan at boy!!!!!

I went to the city and got the fire creegan,swag.
by Boss of all boses October 26, 2011
some black kid who actually linked his profile to this definition... hes a rapist
creegan thinks hes black but hes really not and he molests all the girls
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