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The act of changing someone's computer or facebook preferences to reflect an unhealthy and ill advised love for the band Creed.
Evan suffered two creedings in one day... someone should stay with him tonight.

Emma left her facebook open, so obviously we creeded her.

I left my computer open, and of course Dom creeded it.
by DiegoWBP July 18, 2008
To create a 10+ creed song playlist on a bar jukebox and immediately exit the bar once the playlist begins. "With Arms Wide Open" is generally the first song played.
I didn't go out with the intention of creeding last night, but when the bartender refused to serve me after midnight, I creeded the bar with arms wide open.
by Scotty Stapp 21 April 05, 2012
The act of secretly changing someone's computer or facebook preferences to reflect a deep appreciation for the band Creed. Classic examples include changing the desktop to a photo of the band or listing the band as the individual's favorite type of music on their facebook profile.
"Emma left her facebook open, let's creed her"

"I let Dom borrow my computer, and he creeded the shit out of it"

"Evan suffered two creedings in one day, I'm worried about him"
by Diego BP July 10, 2008
Warping your voice with trachea modulations to sound like the lead singer of Creed, Pearl Jam, Matchbox 20, Nickelback etc.
"I went out last night and this guy was creeding super loud in the back of the bar."

"Can you please stop creeding so loud? We can hear you."

"He's so hot and he's really good at creeding."
by CreedFan1 February 22, 2010
The act of talking and/or singing that is highly influenced by accent of Scott Alan Stapp the singer/songwriter/philanthropist of the american rock band creed. You have to be dedicated.. Stapp has been through alot in the 90's-00's from the controversial video of him and Kid rock getting dome on their tour bus to finding Jesus. Basically he is superhuman and his diligence has rewarded him with his own language.

With arms wide open
Creed Translation:
"Werth erms werd erpen"

(If you sound like carmen from South Park keep practicing)
"I heard that boy Timmy Higgins is real good at creeding"

"Kathryn and Ellyn creeded that song... hard"

"It didn't work out... he didn't appreciate creeding"

"Wow, that creeding competetion turned me on"
by Stapp4u69 August 17, 2013
To take a picture of yourself crouching on a roof or a high level place wearing a hood like a character from Assassin's Creed.
"Hey man I was just creeding a few seconds ago."
by EzioFreak June 15, 2013
To Creeding is to assasin creed something as long jumps running across skinny things or just kicking ass
Chris:go creed that tree
Nick: Dude creeding is a lifestyle
by Chris1111111 March 12, 2008

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