the most spectacular word known to man.
its origin comes from a 10 year old boy in the West of Australia.

You may use the word to insult or complement or to act excited, disappointed, happy sad, anything you want.

more uses than the f-word.
shutup cree!

Man you are such a cree! i love you!

oh cree...


awww creeeee...

omgomgomg i just passed my test! CREE!

by omglolzombie June 18, 2008
It originally started as a variation of cry. We'd used it whenever we'd boast about our team to a fan of another team. It is commonly used as "go cry about it, bitch"

Now we just throw it around everywhere. It still has its main roots, but we just throw it in at the end of every sentence.

Also, "ya cree" and "nah cree" are very common.
"We got Johan Santana cree."
by Gmags February 22, 2008
the coolest nickname known to man. totally made up.
'ohh my god, when i have gonna name one of them cree, b/c i heard this freshman has that name and i think its so cool.'
by christine September 25, 2003
All that is WHORE-ible. : p
Cree: The girl with the new tattoo written is some strange devil tongue.
by Peter & Teddy August 28, 2008
Chill, relax, fall back or stop. (Jamaican slang)
Yo calm down pitney, cree!
by jimmyjump55555 March 26, 2008
n) A repressed homosexual who won't come out of the closet as he's a southern bapist.
Oh man! You are such a Cree. Why can't you admit to butt fucking teenage boys.
by PS August 20, 2004
The most amazing and most beautiful friend. she has the craziest sense of humor and the weirdest personality. Shes there when you need her and she will always have your back. She sticks up for you when people are being rude. shes the best, if you ever meet cree keep her close, dont let her go! shes like a precious stone, or a lovely flower. but every flower has its thorns, watch out she can be a bit feisty. But apart from that she is everything you could ask for in a friend.
Cree: lets listen to some music
Beth: yass. what band? song?

Cree: whatever you want
Beth: Heavy metal?
Cree: We know each other so well
by Meow666Meowz June 20, 2015

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