When a man (or woman), slides a credit card (or any object for that matter, I use my hands) through a woman's cleavage.
Nick credit carded Alex's 33Ds after completing a perfect game at the bowling alley.
by Thornick August 19, 2013
The act of sliding your hand through one's ass crack.
When Sylvia was bending over, I was so tempted to give her a good ol' Credit Card
by Davy K March 01, 2003
a) A plastic card that allows you credit from a large company to buy things. This is to given back at the end of each month. Unfortunately, failure to pay results in interest.

b) A piece of hose and a bucket. Those hose is slipped into the fuel tank of a vehicle, and someone sucks out the fuel into the bucket. It is so-called because it is a way of "paying for fuel". A credit card or cash is needed to buy fuel, and here a "credit card" is the method.
a) cut up your credit cards and lock up your daughters.

b) here's a "credit card", but some fuel from the owner of that Ford.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
your verginity
Lucy: hey do you think she has lost her credit card
Nikita: no shes not like that
by sayhey December 08, 2012
the act of swiping a credit/debit card through someones asscrack then asking for money.
i need some cash. ill go try the credit card.
by shark bait ho haha February 22, 2010
To swipe a credit card in someone's ass from bottom to top as deep as you can.
Holy shit, that bitch just got credit carded!
by Brunoff May 20, 2008
the upword thrust of someones fourarm against one's gouch
that bitch got credit carded to the ceiling
by stve phillips November 27, 2007

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