the act of receiving a tossed salad while simultaneously getting a reach around.
"She surprised me with a creamy caesar since I thought I was only getting a tossed salad."
by Rude McDougal May 01, 2006
Top Definition
A sex act in which you have sex doggy style, right before orgasm, stab her in the back and cum in the hole.
When you're fucking and you're tired of the bitch, it's time for a creamy caesar.
by extremeatheist May 30, 2011
the act of having butt sex and then "blowing your load" in the recivers ass and then later having them force the cum out of their ass and run down thier back side.
Ben likes to get creamy caesars from jeff befor he goes to bed so he can sleep easier.
by Redgy&Jake February 20, 2007
The result of a man's ejaculatory juice rubbed around generously in someone's hair- resembling that of a caesar salad.
After she fell asleep- I woke her up with a surprise creamy caesar and she started to cry. She had just got her hair done yesterday
by Keegun April 02, 2009
Creaming (jizzing) a crown shape on a girls head after finishing a sexual act.
Melvin: "Aww man, guess what I did last night to Jessica!"

Fred: "What did you do?!"

Melvin: "I gave her a creamy caesar!"

Fred: "Sexy!"
by butthole snurger March 21, 2009
The act of ejaculating on a knife and then stabbing someone with it.
Thief: Gimmee your money foo', I got a knife!
Pedestrian: That's not a knife ( pulls out a bigger knife). THIS is a knife!
Thief: And this is a Creamy Caesar! (Stabs pedestrian with spooge covered knife).
by FannyFondler February 25, 2007
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