A onomatopoeia that represents a sound that is usually made by stuff like an old door/floor, rusted hinges, etc...

Or a kind of small river, if you happen to have really bad spelling and/or a typo.
1) Person A opens a rusty trap door which opens with a creaking sound.

2) Person X: And so my dad and I went fishing in the creak...
Person Y: Dude, it's C-R-E-E-K. No A.
by Ebony Chalk December 22, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who is a cross between a freak and a creep.

In other words, a creepy freak.
Yo man, you are acting like a complete creak.

You are one creaky dude, take your Mums underwear off.
by Romsey Finest November 17, 2010
Someone who is acting as a Freak and a Cracked guy at the same time.
-"This guy has been yelling all the day about some kind of Universal Mind matters..."

-" Yeah I know, this guy is a C'reak!!"
by Overtheinfinity October 27, 2009
A slang version of screw or sexual intercourse. Only used by certain individuals who are kind of weird.
Guy: Yo dawg wanna creak later?
Chick: Fo real. Meet me at 7 at ma crib.
by lilHDawg May 30, 2006
when typing and you are so shocked that you type too fast and type creak instead of freak. so basically a more shocked version than just saying freak
What the creak?!

Holy creak!

That is creaking crazy!!!
by 14M1337 January 22, 2008
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