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A crazy man who lives on the bottom of big toes, he often comes out with a sadistic look on his face and is often in pictures with the captions: "Crazy Joe does not approve." "Crazy Joe is not amused." "Crazy Jow knows where you live."
"Oh fuck man! Crazy Joe is coming out!"
"Quick! Put away the ugly kid!"
by Marielephante March 01, 2009
hes a crazy unstable tall living polish sausage.
dude look its a giant sausage, no, its crazyjoe!
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
One of those students or generally young blokes who thinks they're crazy, but really they're a tosser.
look at that tosser wearing a traffic cone, he's all "Woo-Hoo, I'm a crazy bastard."

Get's his attention.

"Crazeee Joee..", makes wanker sign.
by das interneten fuhrer November 26, 2004
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