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A B-boy (breakdancer)who definied and uplifted Bboyin as a lifestyle and developed it to where it is today. From Rock Steady Crew, Boogie Down Bronx, NYC
yo Crazy Legs is still holdin it down on the concrete yo.... WORD...
by bboys unite! July 08, 2005
A kind of diarrhea-type bowel movement where the force of the fecal evacuation causes your legs to jerk around. A fine example of this phenomenon can be seen in the film Dumb and Dumber, after Larry (Jeff Daniels) accidentally consumes a gross amount of laxative.
I drank Steel Reserve all night and the next morning I had crazylegs all over the place!
by Eugene Carmichael III August 13, 2006
A dance move sweeping the nation that involves the swift motion of slightly bent legs. If you can do this dance move you

1. are the life of the party
2. may be compared to "the man who caught the bus"
3. can expect to be hit on by drunk guys named chris all night
-"Did you see Stephanie doing the crazy legs last night?"
-"Yah, that must have been why Chris was hitting on her"
by themanwhocaughthebus October 06, 2009
A nickname for a very fast person who loves track.
Hey Crazy legs! Did a great job in the 1oo m.
by aerosmith girl January 15, 2006
The way a person's legs act when walking/dancing after drinking way too much alcohol.
Chad got out his crazy legs on graduation night.
by t 04 February 16, 2006
Crazy Legs refers to a girl who thinks she is really atractive and is most definatly not and a girl who has the worlds ugliest legs
she has Crazy Legs
she is Crazy Legs
by EJRhater April 02, 2004
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