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a crazy asian. especially helpful when describing bad drivers
Person 1: hey, that car cut me off!
Person 2: oh, it was just another crazian, dont worry
by darrell sacamano September 01, 2007
Characteristics of a Crazian:
1.) Talks to self
2.) is a momma's boy
3.) romantic relationship with a microwave
4.) plays ygo with 5 crush card virus on main deck
5.) thinks his work is A+ material
6.) Puts a maniacal girl laughing at the end of a crappy flash animation
7.) messes up autorun program even though theres only 1 step to do
8.) possibility of being a serial killer and/or rapist in his 20's
crazy, asian, girl, crazian
by HomeboyXX September 06, 2008
crazy asian who twirls their pens and do happy dances when they fail (fail meaning get lower than a 100 on a test)
Tracey did a dance when she found out she got a 98 on the test because she is a crazian. Neen asked if she did good, and almost got her head bitten off by this pen twirling psycho.
by Neen, Sam, and Jo January 30, 2006
a crazy asian person, usually female
Man, my ex-girlfriend is crazian, she keyed my car.
by lalahasu October 03, 2012
A crazy asian.
Z: "Hey dude, look at that bad driver. Must be asian."
S: "More like a crazian!"
by lbgs231 January 23, 2010
(pronounced like the delectable, dried cranberry snack)

A crazy Asian.
"Have you see Hui anywhere?"
"I think she's playing League of Legends. I heard her yelling at the computer earlier."
"God she is such a Crazian."
by Mercer Mafia January 15, 2014
A crazy Asian
Person 1: "That car almost hit me!"
person 2: "It must be another Crazian!"
by Shakyra22 September 21, 2015
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