A synonym for "crazy". An elongated form of "cray-cray", which is short for crazy. Used when someone or something is just so wacky you can't handle it.
God, that Lila is so crayfish!
Dude, that's completely crayfish...how embarrassing!
by Awkotacocrayfish December 06, 2011
Top Definition
Crayfish means crazy or mad.

That party was so crayfish!
Damn...what a crayfish class.
Did you see that new kid? He is totally crayfish!
Ahhh! This is driving me crayfish!

What? This is Crayfish!
Crayfish?!-No, this is SPARTA!
by leetlemming March 10, 2009
noun or adjective
someone or something that is absolutely crazy
Did you see her on the dance floor last night? She was dancing like a crayfish!

That party last night was crayfish!
by misocrayfish April 24, 2011
An undesirable person who has the attributes of being cray cray or crazy.
Don't hang out with her, she's a crayfish.

There are crayfish everywhere on Black Friday.
by annietiger May 14, 2009
Not an animal, a crayfish is in fact a fruit, often mistaken for a vegetable.
The trees were teaming with crayfish. It would be a bountiful this year!
by Bob Buttons July 07, 2004
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