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Crazy + Awesome
Sex between lovers that are also best friends is just plain crawesome!
by Livermoron April 04, 2010
Combination of "crazy" and "awesome."
"That was crazy AND awesome. I call it crawesome." - John Berry
by GuyIncognito May 24, 2004
Cranberry awesome.
"Dewd, dat shit was totally crawesome!"
by Smiggens May 21, 2009
a mix of cool and awesome, for those of you who dont know the REAL source of this word, it originated in palmer, said by a kid named thorton depriest.
ahhh thorton, you were crawesome last night!
by chad January 04, 2004
A cros between Cool and Awesome
<collier> i Just busted a 180tailgrab then busted my ankle
<justin> Ya pussy... thats not Crawesome
by Justin green October 05, 2003