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An alternate name for a crackhead. - Originated in Mount Vernon NY.
Here come the cops I'm bout to hit cratty(crackhead) speed.
by KAYZA SOSAY March 14, 2011
A cratty is a person who will seem to pop out of no were and will scare the living shit out of you.
Brandon is such a Cratty Everytime i turn around he is always behind me.
by Jocilyn B January 31, 2009
Weed or a joint
"shall we get some cratty?"

"Skin a cratty yo!"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009
A Word That Is Used When Someone Cant Decide Whether To Order His Bacon Fatty Or Crispy.
Waitress-So That's 2 Blueberry Pancakes and How Did You Want Your Bacon?

Guy- Umm I Think Ill Have Em Cratty Today

by BlizzieB April 02, 2009

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