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A people based out of the small island of Crate in the South-East Pacific. The people were known for a culture based heavily off large, group laugh sessions and were known to be trading silks and spices long before the Qing Dynasty of China was ever established. Their prime empire was in the Masahuti Dynasty from 1340 - 1620 which was a threat to be reckoned with. In 1620, the Cratens overthrew their tyrannical government and an age of democracy was born. Today, the Cratens are a very secretive people, with the only access to the island of Crate being by a ferry known as the S.S. Majestic.
Person 1: "Man, look at that guy! Where is he from!"

Person 2: "Man! You're an idiot! He's from Crate!"

Person 1: "You mean he's a Craten! Oh man! let's go sign his abs!"
by Migoror June 16, 2009
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