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Crashing your Donkey- This is a much better way of saying I got really really drunk last night. More than likely your Donkey ends up going out in it's apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. So next time you get trashed please remember not to lose your Donkey and when people ask you what the hell happened to you last night just tell them you crashed your Donkey and walk away. It's a freaking funny way to express yourself in a Donkey hangover kind of way.
10 Common ways to express your self in a Donkey kind of way :-)

Crashing Your Donkey.....

1. I crashed my Donkey.
2. I lost my Donkey in the woods.
3. My Donkey is stuck in the tree.
4. Have you seen my Donkey lately?
5. My Donkey Lost a leg last night.
6. I was humping my Donkey but he fell asleep on me.
7. Donkeys can fly!!! Seen it with my own two eyes.
8. Hi! My name is Donkey.
9. I freaking totaled my Donkey last night
10. I crashed my Donkey into a guardrail and he rolled down the hill into the creek.
by Ron420 January 16, 2010
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